Cozy Feet, Happy Planet: American Alpaca Shoe Insoles - Warmth, Comfort, & Sustainable Style

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Step into pure, cozy comfort with American Fiber Pool's Alpaca Shoe Insoles! Crafted from 100% USA-grown alpaca fiber, these luxurious inserts offer unmatched warmth, breathability, and natural odor control, keeping your feet happy and healthy all day long.

More than just warm feet, these insoles deliver:

    • All-weather comfort: Enjoy toasty toes in outdoor boots, snuggle into slippers with extra cushioning, or add a layer of comfort to any shoe.
    • Moisture-wicking magic: Say goodbye to sweaty feet! Alpaca fiber naturally wicks away moisture, keeping your feet dry and preventing odors.
    • Soft cushioning: Experience the luxurious softness of premium alpaca wool, providing gentle support and pressure relief for tired feet.
    • Sustainable style: Choose eco-friendly comfort! These insoles are made from sustainable, renewable alpaca fiber, supporting American farms and small businesses.
    • Customizable fit: Easily trim the insoles to perfectly fit any shoe size, from kids' boots to men's work boots.

With American Fiber Pool's Alpaca Shoe Insoles, you're not just pampering your feet, you're supporting American agriculture and sustainable practices. Wrap your feet in the luxurious comfort of nature and experience the difference!

Order your pair today and step into pure, cozy bliss!

Can be easily trimmed with scissors if needed to fit any shoe size.

Size: Can be cut to fit any boot or shoe.  Cut t he insoles to fit snugly to prevent slipping

  • Small (women’s shoe sizes 5-7)
  • Medium (women’s shoe sizes 8-10 )
  • Large (men’s shoe sizes 8-10)
  • Extra Large (men’s shoe sizes 11-13).

Since you can cut them easily to any size even KIDS can have a pair!

Materials: 100% USA alpaca fiber!

Care: Hand wash and hang to dry

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