Green for blue by Closiist, interwiews Michelle Li, Women and Climate NYC

She founded Women & Climate NYC

What great initiatives in the world. Closiist with his youtube channel, goes to meet people who want to change the world.

Each Monday, we share with you a superheroes interview. Today, We interviewed Michelle Li , TedX speaker and founder clever carbon and Women and Climate. Enjoy your 1 minutes for Climate Change.


Women & Climate is a nonprofit organization creating a fun and secure environment for women to study and discuss climate change. Everyone is invited, whether they are seasoned climate professionals or simply curious to learn more. Women & Climate, it's:

- A Slack Community

- A website

- Events like monthly dinners at plant-based restaurants

- Networking

- Passionate women who can help you discover climate change in various fields.

Michelle Li LinkedIn

An association to join and follow :)