Meetup group "Coffee and Sustainability", New York City, interview Alexander Morgan for Green for Blue by Closiist, Youtube channel

Meetup group "Coffee and Sustainability", New York City

Do you remember Alexander Morgan? He is the founder of the EcoRate app.

Who I interviewed last month. Here is the link:

Alexander organizes "Coffee and sustainability" via the MeetUp app.

How does it work:

1- It's free to participate. However, it is always appreciable to consume in the meeting place.

2- Just register and come. It sometimes welcomes speakers. But what we appreciate the most is to find ourselves talking about an exciting subject "Our planet".

3- It's a friendly moment. Everyone can go there. Even if you are not an expert. The first time, Julie went there with Adam (12Y). He was very happy to share his knowledge and explain his school's sustainable program.

MeetUp "Coffee and Sustainability":

As you can see, we love Alex's Coffee and Sustainability.

IMPORTANT: I know you come from all over the world, and we are curious. Tell us in the comments if this kind of initiative exists in your city.

Green for Blue by is a channel on which until June, you can discover sustainable initiatives in NY. And there are many. We don't know yet where we will go after June.


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