Embrace Harmony & Creativity: TIGA PEARL Ring - Triple Freshwater Pearls (Sustainable, Handmade)

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Unleash inner harmony and boundless creativity with the TIGA PEARL Ring, a captivating masterpiece by INDAH. Handcrafted with three luminous freshwater pearls, this ring symbolizes growth, optimism, and the divine connection between mind, body, and soul.

Embrace Your Wholeness:

    • Three pearls, a powerful symbol in Indonesian culture, bring in the energy of kindness, creativity, and balance.
    • Freshwater pearls, harmonizing with the lunar cycle, balance hormones and body rhythms.

More Than Just Stunning:

    • Sustainable and ethical, empowering both you and our skilled Indonesian artisans.
    • Adjustable band with titanium lining ensures a comfortable and long-lasting fit.
    • Pairs beautifully with other INDAH pieces for a personalized touch.

Embrace the Ritual:

    • Set your intentions and activate the pearls' healing energy as you adorn yourself with the TIGA PEARL Ring.


    • Base size 7 with adjustable band
    • 3x 6mm freshwater pearls
    • Handcrafted in Indonesia with eco-friendly materials and genuine metals
    • Available in 24k gold or genuine silver plating

Embrace the TIGA PEARL Ring and unlock your inner artist's spirit. Order yours today and make a positive impact with every purchase!

    • Shine with creative spirit and balanced harmony.
    • Choose sustainable beauty with purpose.
    • Spark positive change with every style.


First of all, calm down the mind. Secondly, take a moment in silence and set your intentions when you first put your INDAH gems to set in motion their healing powers.



Base size 7 with an adjustable band lined with titanium inside for longevity.


Freshwater Pearls 6mm

Each gemstone is art of the earth, therefore there may be small variations in size, shape and color. Your design may not be exact as the image shown.

Recycled metal dipped in 24k gold or genuine silver.


To ensure the longevity of your gems, store your TIGA PEARL Ring in your velvet pouch and avoid direct contact with water or chemicals. Visit our care guide for more ways to protect your designs.

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