Unleash Inner Radiance & Peace: She Dreams of Seashells Hair Couture (Seashells & Pearls) - Ethical, Handmade

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Embrace divine elegance and oceanic beauty with the She Dreams of Seashells Hair Couture, a handcrafted masterpiece by INDAH. This unique hair clip blends shimmering seashells and lustrous pearls, evoking feelings of peace, intuition, and inner wisdom.

Adorn Your Dreams:

    • Seashells, natural symbols of peace and clarity, enhance your intuition and promote mindful decision-making.
    • Pearls, renowned for their nurturing energy, tap into your inner wisdom and amplify your integrity.

More Than Just Beauty:

    • INDAH prioritizes sustainable materials and ethical practices, empowering both you and our artisans.
    • This versatile clip seamlessly integrates with any updo or side style, creating a timeless and elegant look.
    • Perfect for weddings, photoshoots, red carpet events, or simply feeling radiantly beautiful every day.

Embrace the Ritual:

    • Calm your mind, set your intentions, and activate the seashells' and pearls' potent energies.
    • Pair with other INDAH hair pieces like SHAKTI Pearl Studs, DIVINE GODDESS Ring, or PEROLA Necklace for added sparkle.


    • Clip length: 8cm
    • Width: 6cm
    • Spreadable pearls: up to 11cm H x 14cm W
    • Handcrafted in Indonesia with ethically sourced materials
    • Available in genuine silver or 24k gold plating

Unleash your inner ocean goddess with the She Dreams of Seashells Hair Couture. Order yours today and make a positive impact with every purchase!

    • Discover your radiant beauty from within.
    • Choose sustainable luxury with a purpose.
Make a difference with every style.


SHE DREAMS OF SEASHELLS Hair Couture will have you feeling elegant whether you wear it on the side of your hair or in any up style. We adore this gem when paired with our SHAKTI Pearl Studs, the DIVINE GODDESS Ring, the TIGA Ring, the PEROLA Bangle, the PEROLA Necklace or the BESAR Necklace.


Clip Length - 8cm

Width - 6cm

Full measurements of spreadable pearls: up to 11 cm H x 14 cm W


To ensure a long life for your precious INDAH gems, store your She Dreams Of Seashells Hair Couture in your velvet pouch and avoid direct contact with water or chemicals. Please visit our care guide for more details.

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