Embrace Inner Strength & Radiance: INDAH's SHAKTI Necklace - Handcrafted Empowerment & Divine Connection (Biwa Pearls, Recycled Metal)

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Discover your inner goddess and illuminate your spirit with INDAH's SHAKTI Necklace, a handcrafted masterpiece embodying the true essence of womanhood. This delicately powerful piece, meticulously carved from luminous Biwa pearls, transcends mere adornment, becoming a talisman of self-realization and radiant strength.

Unleash Your Inner Shakti:

    • Embrace feminine power: Each pearl, carved into a mesmerizing design, whispers of your inherent worth and limitless potential. Own your unique beauty and shine with confidence.
    • Connect to divine energy: This necklace serves as a portal to the eternal source of strength, allowing you to tap into your intuition and navigate life's journey with grace and clarity.
    • Sustainable beauty: Choose jewelry that reflects your values. INDAH uses recycled metals and plants a tree for every purchase, making a positive impact on the planet.
    • Versatility redefined: Wear it solo for a bold statement or layer it with other INDAH pieces like the Divine Goddess Ring to create a truly captivating look.
    • Handcrafted with intention: Each piece is designed by Coco Effendi with the aim of empowering you and aligning your chakras. Blessed in a traditional Indonesian ceremony, it carries blessings of abundance and positive energy.

More than just an accessory, the SHAKTI Necklace is a reminder of your innate power and divine light.

    • Awaken your chakras: Let the gentle vibrations of Biwa pearls harmonize your energy centers, fostering inner peace and balance.
    • Celebrate self-love: Wear this necklace as a daily affirmation of your worth and embrace your authentic self with compassion and self-acceptance.
    • Support conscious choices: Feel good knowing your purchase empowers artisans and supports environmental initiatives.
    • Embrace your Shakti: Every glance in the mirror is a reminder of your strength, resilience, and limitless potential.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowered living, and radiant beauty with the SHAKTI Necklace. Add it to your cart today and awaken the goddess within!



To ensure a long life for your precious INDAH gems, store your Shakti Necklace in your velvet pouch and avoid direct contact with water or chemicals. Please visit our care guide for more details.

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