Handcrafted MYSTIC Bangle: Whimsical Dream & Sacred Power in One (Mystic Topaz, Sustainable Jewelry)

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Embrace the whimsical dream of the MYSTIC Bangle, a sacred design inspired by ancient Egyptian fashion. This handcrafted treasure, a bestseller in our sustainable collection, radiates beauty and strength, empowering you to conquer your dreams.

Mystic topaz, the captivating centerpiece, connects you to your spiritual self and aligns with the universe's energies. This stunning gem invites positive vibes and balance into your life.

Crafted with love by talented artisans in a small Indonesian village, the MYSTIC Bangle is truly unique. We celebrate sustainability, using recycled metals dipped in 24k gold or genuine silver. Each piece is a testament to ancient techniques and traditions, sharing the magic of Balinese culture with the world.

More than just an accessory, the MYSTIC Bangle embodies intention and blessings. Designed by Coco Effendi, each piece is crafted to empower you, balance your chakras, and connect you to your higher self. It's even blessed in a traditional Indonesian ceremony for abundance and positivity.

Feel good about your purchase - a portion of our sales supports the Bali Children Foundation, Angel Of Paws Bali Animal Rescue, and helps plant trees with Sprout. Your beautiful bangle comes with a velvet pouch and care guide - treat it with love for lasting brilliance.

Ready to wear your dream into reality? Order your MYSTIC Bangle today and embrace the beauty of conscious luxury.

Shop the MYSTIC Bangle now and unlock your inner power!



16cm in diameter


8x12mm Mystic Topaz teardrop

Recycled metal dipped in 24k gold or genuine silver.


To ensure the longevity of your gems, store your MYSTIC Bangle in your velvet pouch and avoid direct contact with water or chemicals. Visit our care guide for more ways to protect your designs.

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