Embrace Divine Grace & Creativity: CHANDI Ring (Mystic Topaz & Biwa Pearl) - Ethical, Handmade

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Unleash your inner goddess with the CHANDI Ring, a stunning blend of mystic topaz and biwa pearl. This handcrafted masterpiece, named after the Sanskrit word for "fierce," empowers your creativity, intuition, and emotional balance.

Embrace True Happiness:

    • Mystic topaz, with its radiant hues, amplifies optimism and heals the soul, bringing clarity and balance.
    • Biwa pearl, a symbol of faith and innocence, strengthens your integrity and focus.

Beyond Beauty:

    • Each INDAH piece is handcrafted with high-quality, sustainable materials and ethical practices.
    • Our slow fashion jewelry celebrates cultural heritage, using recycled metals and ancient techniques.
    • A portion of every purchase supports Bali Children Foundation, Angel Of Paws Bali Animal Rescue, and tree planting with Sprout.

Embrace the Ritual:

    • Calm your mind, set your intentions, and activate the CHANDI Ring's potent energy.
    • Layer it with your favorite INDAH rings like MYSTIC, RAJAH, SHAKTI, or PYRAMID.


    • Adjustable size 6+
    • 5x7mm mystic topaz oval and biwa pearl
    • Available in genuine silver or 24k gold plating
    • Ethically handcrafted in Indonesia

Embrace the CHANDI Ring and embark on a journey of divine grace and creative empowerment. Order yours today!

    • Discover your inner fierceness.
    • Choose sustainable beauty with a purpose.
Make a positive impact with every purchase.


Our precious handmade CHANDI Ring is delicate enough to pair with any ring you desire but our favourites are the MYSTIC Ring, RAJAH Ring, SHAKTI Ring, and PYRAMID Ring. It also compliments our CHI bangle and HORUS Necklace beautifully.


Size 6 adjustable to larger only.


5x7mm mystic topaz oval and biwa pearl

Each gemstone is art of the earth, therefore there may be small variations in size, shape and color. Your design may not be exact as the image shown.


To ensure the longevity of your gems, store your CHANDI Ring in your velvet pouch and avoid direct contact with water or chemicals. Visit our care guide for more ways to protect your designs.

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