Ditch the Bottle, Shine Dishes! Whispering Willow's Natural, Long-Lasting Solid Dish Soap Refills (2 pack - Lavender)

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Skip the single-use plastics and embrace sparkling clean dishes with Whispering Willow's eco-friendly Solid Dish Soap Refills! Crafted with 100% plant-based ingredients and pure essential oils, these powerful bars tackle grease and grime naturally, leaving your dishes squeaky clean and your conscience clear.

Sustainable Suds, Lasting Shine:

    • Refill & Repeat: Ditch bulky bottles and minimize waste with conveniently packaged refills (2 per box).
    • Plant-Powered Performance: Natural surfactants dissolve even stubborn messes, leaving no harsh chemical residue.
    • Months of Magic: Each bar lasts for months, making it a budget-friendly and sustainable choice.
    • Aromatherapy Alchemy: Choose from calming lavender or invigorating lemon, transforming dishwashing into a sensorial experience.
    • Gentle on Hands & Earth: No harsh chemicals or irritants, perfect for sensitive skin and gentle on the planet.
    • Zero Waste Hero: Ditch plastic bottles and landfill clutter, embrace plastic-free cleaning with joy.
    • Complete the Clean: Pair your refills with our short or long-handled dish brushes for an eco-friendly cleaning duo!

Whispering Willow's Solid Dish Soap Refills are more than just dish soap, they're a statement. Choose sustainable, plant-powered cleaning and experience the satisfaction of shining dishes and a lighter environmental footprint.

To Use: Wet your brush, rub it on the soap to create suds, and wash your dishes. Rinse well and enjoy a clean, sustainable kitchen.

Net Weight: 4.5oz per refill (Boxed, 2 pack)

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, organic castor oil, citric acid, organic essential oil (lavender)

Make the switch to zero waste cleaning! Add Whispering Willow's Solid Dish Soap Refills to your cart today and shine bright with sustainable suds.

Read our article about solid dish soap and how to use it: Here

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