Discover Lush Self-Care: Founder's Box (Unique Asian Ingredients, Handmade, Gift-Ready)

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Embark on a luxurious journey of self-discovery with Mumu Bath's Founder's Box! Curated by founder Sasha, this box is a treasure trove of unique Asian-inspired skincare essentials, handcrafted with love and infused with the rich heritage of Taiwan.

Unwrap a Symphony of Senses:

    • Mt. Ali Taiwanese Tea Soap: Infused with high-mountain tea from Sasha's family farm, this soap offers gentle cleansing and a soothing aroma. Hand-added tea leaves provide a touch of exfoliation.
    • Osmanthus Flower Body Oil: Delicate, fragrant flowers native to Asia pamper your skin with intense moisture, protection, and nourishment.
    • Kiss Me Sunshine Bar: Zesty citrus awakens your senses while providing effective cleansing and exfoliation.
    • Pink Grapefruit Lightweight Body Butter: Refreshing and non-greasy, this luxurious formula hydrates your skin all day long with a burst of pink grapefruit scent.

More than just products, it's an experience:

    • Handmade with organic, vegan, and toxin-free ingredients for a guilt-free, gentle touch on your skin.
    • Discover unique Asian botanicals like Taiwanese tea and Osmanthus flowers for an exotic sensory experience.
    • Treat yourself or gift the ultimate self-care indulgence to someone special.

Indulge in a ritual of rejuvenation. Order your Founder's Box today and unlock the secrets of radiant, healthy skin!


    • Embrace handcrafted luxury: Indulge in unique Asian-inspired skincare with the Founder's Box.
    • Gift radiant skin: Delight someone special with the ultimate self-care ritual.
    • Unlock the secrets of nature: Discover the power of Taiwanese tea & Osmanthus flower.


Treat yourself to the Founder's Box today & embark on a journey of self-discovery!

    Handmade / Organic / 100% Vegan / Toxin-Free

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