Sugar-Free Dream Team: Indulge in Choco Banana Bliss (6 Bags of Organic Goodness!)

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Title:Chocolate Lover's Sampler

Say goodbye to guilt and hello to pure choco-banana bliss with our Sugar-Free Dream Team Bundle! This epic duo combines 3 packs of our luxuriously decadent Chocolate Covered Chewy Bananas (100g each) with 3 packs of our crunchy, satisfying Cacao Banana Crisps (66g each) – all powered by nature and completely free of any added sugar or sweeteners.

Indulge guilt-free:

    • Sugar-Free Sweetness: Dive into rich, creamy chocolate and crispy banana goodness without compromising your health. Our snacks are crafted with just 2 organic ingredients (bananas & dark chocolate) for the Chewy Bananas and 4 organic ingredients for the Crisps.
    • Blood Sugar Friendly Feast: Say goodbye to sugar spikes and embrace sustained energy. These snacks are low in glycemic index, making them perfect for anyone watching their blood sugar or following a diabetic-friendly diet.
    • Organic Goodness: We believe in pure, simple ingredients, which is why both snacks are certified organic, gluten-free, and vegan. You can feel good about every delicious bite.

The Dream Team Delivers:

    • Chocolate Covered Chewy Bananas: Experience gooey banana bliss dipped in smooth, dark chocolate – a guilt-free match made in heaven.
    • Cacao Banana Crisps: Satisfy your crunch cravings with these addictive bites, loaded with banana flavor and rich cacao nibbles.

This limited-edition bundle is the perfect solution for sweet tooths on a mission. Treat yourself, share with friends, or stash them away for guilt-free snacking on the go.

Order your Sugar-Free Dream Team Bundle today and experience the power of pure, plant-based indulgence!

Ditch the guilt, grab the bliss - Get your Sugar-Free Dream Team Bundle now!


These can be eaten out of the bag, topped with a nut-butter, cheeze, chocolate spread, or use as a grain-free granola atop dairy-free yogurt.



Banana*, Sesame seeds*, Coconut*, Cacao*.
* = Organic

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