About Us and Closiist
About Us

We are Julie and Benjamin, entrepreneurs from France. In the 4 years that we have been living in New York, we have discovered and enjoyed a host of wonderful local products. This is why we decided to create an eShop showcasing as many local USA products as we can, be it food or goods, with emphasis on Eco-friendly, Zero waste, and sustainability.

Who are we? We are a family first, entrepreneurs second

Elaia: 19 months, Jolie and happy baby

Adam: Our son, 11 years old, sharks enthusiast, homeschooler

Julie: Earth harmony living, chocolate lover

Benjamin: Flexitarian, tech whizz

Nuage and Fleur: Our 2 cats and rulers of the household.


During the Covid quarantine, Benjamin had the idea of completely harmonizing our way of life with our principles and values... And so within years, we hope to be able to live on a sailboat and travel on the ocean! Stay tuned!

What do we personally do for the environment?


- For 6 years we didn't jump into a plane.


- We don't have a car and prefer to rent one when we have no other option.


- Public transportation is our daily transportation method.


- In the bathroom, we use a lot of Eco-Friendly products (solid shampoo, bar soap,...), meaning, aerosol, and plastic bottles are not welcome anymore at home.


- In the kitchen, we cook organic products, recycle, and compost. We also buy local as much as possible.


- We bring our own tote bags when we do our shopping and say NO when we are offered a plastic bag.


- We wear eco-conscious and/or second-hand clothes


- We print less and decided to stop including "Packing Slips" in our packages.


- We also have a lot of second-hand toys and try to avoid plastic toys.

About Closiist

Closiist is an e-shop with a philosophy of promoting the local and sustainability. We curate our products carefully, looking into the history and the technologies of their producers to make sure they are in harmony with our ethical values.

Sustainable - Thoughtful - Non toxic - Zero waste

Closiist the not far away e-shop
 “Close” for proximity and “ist” for philosophy. 

#YouShopWeGive, our donation program


We at Closiist, are committed to Ocean Protection and contribute to it via our donation program "You Shop, We Give". We donate 1% of your orders to the Captain Paul Watson Foundation a non-profit that act every day to protect our oceans at no extra cost to you!


#Shop Local

We believe that local shopping is the first step towards a more environmentally friendly economy. With Closiist it's easy for you to shop local and find new products made by your amazing neighbors.



Each product listed on Closiist has been produced according to ecological criteria. Sometimes we choose products made outside of the United States, but only because they meet our criteria and are produced in an environmentally friendly manner.


#Small Actions #Big Impact

We ship your orders using a Carbon Neutral Method when available and try to use compostable mailers as often as possible. We believe that #Small Actions added to each other have a #Big Impact on our environment. We are always looking to improve our process. Because we know you care as much as we do!

Our Mission: Promote a sustainable way to shop online!


1% of each order is donated to the Captain Paul Watson Foundation to help protect our oceans


We ship your orders using a Carbon Neutral Method when available and use compostable mailers


Each product listed on Closiist has been carefully curated by our team


Our products are, Sustainable, Thoughtful, Non toxic, and Zero waste