Unwrap Everything Bagel Bliss: Crunchy & Keto-Friendly NUD Flax Crackers (6-Pack)

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Title:Keto 'Everything' Flax Crackers

Missing that classic "everything bagel" flavor on your keto journey? Indulge your cravings guilt-free with NUD Keto Everything Flax Crackers! This 6-pack delivers a flavorful and satisfying snacking experience packed with wholesome ingredients and perfectly aligned with your keto goals.

Savor Everything Bagel Goodness, Keto-Style:

    • Naturally Keto-Friendly: Each serving boasts 1g net carbs, fitting seamlessly into your keto macros.
    • Clean & Wholesome: Crafted with activated golden flax seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and the iconic everything bagel seasoning, you can trust the quality in every bite.
    • Packed with Nutrients: Enjoy the benefits of healthy fats, fiber, and protein for sustained energy and satisfaction.
    • Gut-Friendly: Free of gluten, nuts, and processed ingredients, promoting a healthy gut microbiome.
    • Authentic Everything Flavor: A generous sprinkle of garlic, poppy seeds, onion, and sesame seeds delivers the classic taste you love.

Versatile & Delicious:

    • Enjoy them straight out of the bag for a quick snack or pair them with dips, spreads, cheese, avocado, hummus, or your favorite toppings.
    • Explore other NUD flavors like Simple Seed and Carrot for variety!

Experience the NUD difference with Everything Flax Crackers!

  • Unlock everything bagel bliss without the carbs! Add NUD Everything Flax Crackers to your cart today!

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