Reusable cups for events, festivals or for your daily coffee with CUP ZERO, Green for Blue by Closiist, a YouTube chanel to learn more about sustainability in New York City.

Reusable cups for events, festivals or for your daily coffee with CUP ZERO

😀Hello, I am Julie TD, Closiist co-owner (Discount below).

I met so many green people in NYC that I decided to interview them. I gave myself 9 months to do it. If you know people who, like us, are sustainable. Share this video with them.

Today, I met ZSOLT BENDEL, co-owner of CUP ZERO.

👍💪CUP ZERO is an initiative to reduce single-use cup and lid waste in New York City. This is achieved by a simple concept - share things and use them more than once... a cup share!

♻ How does it work for your daily coffee?

1) SCAN: Download the app and Scan the QR code at your favorite shop.

2) DRINK: Order your drink in a Cup Zero cup.

3) DROP: When you’re finished, find any Cup Zero location on our map and scan the QR code to return.

♻ How it works for your events? Whether you’re hosting a late night dj set, product launch, or fundraiser, we’ve got cups for you that are zero waste and covid safe. Reusables as a Service – A turnkey solution that includes logistics, delivery, collection points, signage, washing, sanitizing, and storing cups.

Going zero waste has never been easier. And I would like to thank Zsolt to offer me a Cup Zero - to -go. I will use every day. I already love it! I'm so lucky to meet such incredible people!

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