Embark on a Colonial Tea Journey with Our Exquisite Black Tea Trio

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Title:Colonial Black Tea Trio

Step into a world of exquisite flavors and embark on a captivating journey through time with our Colonial Black Tea Trio.

This carefully curated collection features three exceptional black teas that were once staples in colonial America, each offering its own unique character and charm.

Colonial Bohea, a tea so popular that its name became synonymous with "tea," is a smoky, winey, and warm blend of pekoe, orange pekoe, and souchong (lightly smoked) tea leaves.

Congou, a smooth and sweet black tea, delights the palate with notes of unsweetened baked apples, while East Indian Tea, a brisk and malty black tea, rounds out the trio with its robust Assam Black Tea (Orange Pekoe grade leaf).

Each of these premium loose leaf teas is hand-packaged in our signature matte black tea tins, ensuring freshness and preserving their delicate flavors.


  • A trio of exceptional colonial black teas: Colonial Bohea, Congou, and East Indian
  • Premium loose leaf tea for an authentic tea experience
  • Hand-packaged in elegant matte black signature tea tins
  • A delightful gift for tea lovers and history enthusiasts
  • Immerse yourself in the rich history of tea and discover the distinct flavors of colonial America


  • Experience the smoky allure of Colonial Bohea, a tea that was once prized by colonial Americans
  • Savor the smooth sweetness of Congou, a black tea known for its delicate flavor
  • Enjoy the brisk maltiness of East Indian Tea, a robust and flavorful black tea
  • Enhance your tea-drinking experience with premium loose leaf tea
  • Discover the rich history of tea and the unique flavors of colonial America

Embark on a captivating tea journey and discover the flavors of colonial America with our exquisite Colonial Black Tea Trio. Order yours today and let your taste buds travel back in time.

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