Ditch the Chemicals, Grow a Living Lawn: Regenerative Care with Elm Dirt (Customizable, Sustainable)

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Brand: Elm Dirt

Lawn Size:<2000 sq ft

Transform your lawn into a thriving ecosystem with Elm Dirt's revolutionary regenerative lawn care! Ditch the harsh chemicals and say hello to lush, healthy grass, buzzing with life and bursting with natural beauty. Our custom-formulated line, crafted with nutrient-rich worm castings and beneficial microbes, nourishes your soil from the ground up, unlocking the true potential of your lawn.

Experience the Elm Dirt difference:

    • Build a Living Soil: Our microbe-rich fertilizers go beyond quick fixes, promoting a thriving network of microorganisms that break down organic matter, release nutrients, and suppress harmful pathogens, creating a resilient, self-sustaining ecosystem.
    • Greenest Lawn Ever: Witness the vibrant transformation as your lawn responds to the boost in natural nutrients and enhanced soil health, thriving with deep green, pest-resistant grass.
    • Heat Tolerance & Water Savvy: Say goodbye to water worries! Our formula helps your lawn retain moisture efficiently, making it more resilient to summer heat and reducing your water usage.
    • People, Pet, & Pollinator Friendly: Rest assured knowing your lawn is safe for your family, furry friends, and beneficial pollinators. Choose kindness to the planet with our all-natural, chemical-free approach.
    • Customizable & Convenient: Simply pick the season and the perfect amount of concentrate for your lawn size. Dilute and spray – it's that easy!
    • Eco-Conscious Packaging: We minimize waste with recyclable bottles and a concentrated formula, reducing shipping emissions and reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

Elm Dirt is more than just lawn care; it's a revolution in how we treat our green spaces. Join the movement towards healthy, vibrant lawns that benefit your family, your pets, and our planet. Order your custom bundle today and watch your lawn come alive!

Hose End Sprayer attachment coming soon!

Each bottle covers 2,000 sq ft.

<2,000 sq ft. - 1 Bottle Shipped

2,000-4,000 sq ft. - 2 Bottle Shipped

4,000-6,000 sq ft. - 3 Bottle Shipped

6,000-8,000 sq ft. - 4 Bottle Shipped

8,000-10,000 sq ft. - 5 Bottle Shipped

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