Nica Hammock Deluxe

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 Sustainable Hammock

Our most comfortable hammock is also our most intricately crafted and designed. The Double-Knotted Nica Hammock is both incredibly durable and refined, featuring our highest caliber cotton thread and beautifully detailed macramé fringe on each side of the hammock. It fits two people comfortably and securely.

Colour : 

Natural White - Double Knotted - Nica Deluxe

Why did we choose this product?

Love For Nica, LLC is a social enterprise selling high-quality goods that are 100% handcrafted in Nicaragua. In addition to providing job opportunities to the Nicaraguan people, they give 50% of all profits back to Nicaragua.

About Love for Nica

Despite a turbulent past and continued hardships, Nicas (Nicaraguans) are some of the most resilient and kindhearted people you’ll ever encounter. Experiencing and understanding Nicaragua can teach all of us a lot about life.

Creating Love For Nica had been in the works for a few years, but after witnessing the economic crisis first-hand in January of 2019 it became clear the idea could no longer wait. Now more than ever Nicaragua needs our support.

I’m deeply honored for the opportunity to partner with Tio Antonio’s Foundation. Uncle Tony’s passion and dedication in supporting Nicaragua is awe-inspiring. Raygan J. Evans

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