Makai Black Tea

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You’ve never had black tea like this before. Award-winning, handcrafted on the Big Island with sinensis and assamica leaves. Crisp, smooth and refined with no astringency or bitterness even when steeped for long periods.


Why did we choose this product?

I don’t have a lot of tea where, after my first sip, I think to myself, “wow, this is some good tea!” The last time I had that feeling was probably in Hangzhou, one of China’s pre-eminent tea producing provinces, where I had a sip of ultra premium black tea that probably retailed at hundreds of dollars for a kilogram—this tea gave me that feeling that I have not experienced since! I can really taste quality that’s hard to find unless I specifically seek out a specialty tea store. I love knowing that this tea is 100% single-origin and produced from family farms with sustainability in mind, and all those “extras” do contribute to the premium taste and quality of the tea. The Makai black tea has become an integral part of my weekday routine and makes my mornings and early afternoons so much better. Get this tea for you, your family, or your friends—and feel good knowing you have made a great purchase! :)

About Uproot Teas

As a child of first-gen Chinese immigrants, Cindy Li inherited her ancestors’ love of tea and a reverence for the farming communities her family came from. While researching the commodity tea industry in university, Cindy learned about the colonial tea trade, a history steeped in abusing farmers and profiting off of the commoditization of their crops.

Even today, modern businesses are built on industrial structures from the ages of colonialism and imperialism. As a result, the tea itself suffered: hurried, mass production strips the tea of high-quality, premium whole leaves—the kind Cindy grew up drinking gallons of with her family.

We’re uprooting the antiquated tea trade by bringing transparency to our sourcing, pay, and sustainability with our whole leaves.

Artisan, farm-to-cup loose leaf teas & flowers are sourced responsibly. We pay farm partners higher than fair trade prices to support sustainable agriculture.

Proudly a 100% zero-waste, Asian American woman-owned company.

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