Handmade Guatemalan Baby Booties - Soft, Cozy, and Fair Trade

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Brand: UPAVIM Crafts


Looking for a unique and stylish way to keep your baby's toes warm? Look no further than our handmade Guatemalan baby booties! These booties are made with traditional Guatemalan fabric on the exterior and a flannel lining to keep your baby's toes cozy.

The fabric simply drapes across your baby's feet to keep them secure, so there are no irritating closures to worry about. And because they're handmade, each pair is one-of-a-kind!

These booties are the perfect addition to any baby's outfit, and they make a great gift for new parents.


  • Handmade with traditional Guatemalan fabric
  • Flannel lining to keep baby's toes warm
  • No irritating closures
  • Available in assorted colors


  • Keep your baby's toes warm and stylish
  • Support sustainable and ethical practices
  • Give a unique and thoughtful gift

Order your handmade Guatemalan baby booties today and keep your little one's toes warm and stylish!

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