Stir Up Comfort: Hand-Carved Wood Ladle (Sustainable, Macawood or Laurelwood, Fair Trade, Artisan-Made)

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Brand: Upavim Crafts


Bring warmth and rustic charm to your table with our Hand-Carved Wood Ladles! Crafted from sustainably sourced reclaimed wood by skilled artisans in Guatemala, Diego and his family, these ladles are more than just kitchen tools - they're handcrafted expressions of culinary passion and environmental responsibility.

Ladle with love, savor every slurp:

    • Sustainable beauty: Embrace eco-conscious dining with reclaimed wood and food-safe tung oil finish. Every ladle whispers a story of environmental stewardship and community empowerment.
    • Unique artistry, timeless elegance: No two ladles are alike! The natural character of the wood and the artist's hand combine to create a one-of-a-kind heirloom for your kitchen.
    • Perfect pour, perfect comfort: The ideal size and shape for scooping hearty soups, stews, and broths, ensuring flawless serving and maximum enjoyment.
    • From Diego's hands to your hearth: Support an artisan family and their sustainable livelihood with every purchase.

Beyond the kitchen, a story unfolds:

    • The perfect gift: Delight the foodie in your life with a unique and meaningful present that elevates their culinary experience and celebrates conscious living.


  • Certified Sustainable Wood
  • Handle measures 9'' L
  • Ladle measures 3'' L x 2'' W
  • Due to the handmade nature, measurements will vary
    • Conversation starter: This exquisite ladle is sure to spark curiosity and ignite conversations about ethical consumerism and the art of hand-carving.
    • Investment in lasting quality: Hand-washed and cared for, your wood ladle will become a cherished companion in your kitchen, adding rustic charm and warmth for years to come.

Ready to ladle up love and flavor with every spoonful? Add the Hand-Carved Wood Ladle to your cart today and experience the magic of handcrafted artistry!

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