Hand-Carved Wooden Ladles - Durable, Food-Safe, and Sustainable

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Brand: UPAVIM Crafts


These hand-carved wooden ladles are the perfect addition to your sustainable kitchen! They are made with reclaimed wood and sealed with food-safe tung oil, making them durable and easy to care for. Choose from Macawood or Laurelwood.


  • Made with reclaimed wood
  • Sealed with food-safe tung oil
  • Durable and easy to care for
  • Handmade and Fair Trade certified


  • Add a touch of style and sustainability to your kitchen
  • Serve soups, stews, and broths with ease
  • Support sustainable and ethical practices

Care Instructions:

  • Hand-wash with soap and warm water.
  • Apply food grade oil such as tung oil or mineral oil to dry utensils periodically to maintain moisture, color and longevity.

Order your hand-carved wooden ladles today and add a touch of beauty and sustainability to your kitchen!

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