Grow Nutritious Sprouts Year-Round: Hassle-Free with Freshlife® 3000 Automatic Sprouter

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Brand: Tribest


Revolutionize your diet and embrace healthy living with the Freshlife® 3000 Automatic Sprouter (FL-3000-A)! This innovative kitchen appliance effortlessly cultivates a bounty of fresh, organic sprouts all year round, regardless of your gardening skills.

Enjoy the Benefits of Sprouts:

    • Packed with Nutrition: Sprouts are nutritional powerhouses, brimming with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes for a healthier you.
    • Endless Flavor Varieties: Experiment with diverse seeds like alfalfa, broccoli, sunflower, and more, creating unique flavor profiles for your dishes.
    • Year-Round Freshness: Harvest delicious sprouts anytime, independent of the season, for salads, sandwiches, smoothies, or simply as a healthy snack.

Effortless Cultivation with Advanced Technology:

    • Automatic Watering: The intelligent system waters your sprouts intermittently, mimicking natural rainfall for optimal growth.
    • Hassle-Free Spouting: No soil, no mess, just add water and seeds, plug it in, and enjoy the magic!
    • Powerful Performance: The adjustable water pressure system and robust motor efficiently sprout up to three barrels simultaneously.
    • Simple Operation: User-friendly design with intuitive controls makes sprouting accessible for everyone.

More Than Just a Sprouter:

    • Sustainable Choice: Grow your own food, reduce waste, and minimize your carbon footprint.
    • Educational Fun: Engage children in the wonders of plant growth and encourage healthy eating habits.
    • Personalized Kitchen Garden: Cultivate a variety of sprouts to cater to your unique taste and dietary needs.

Invest in Your Health and Well-being:

    • Experience the difference of fresh, homegrown sprouts!
    • Add the Freshlife® 3000 Automatic Sprouter to your cart and unlock a world of healthy possibilities!
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Key Features

Automatic Watering System

Automatic watering system waters your sprouts intermittently throughout the day by watering for 5 minutes, resting for 25 minutes, then repeating.

Adjustable Water Pressure System

Sprout up to three barrels at a time, making it easier and faster to harvest delicious sprouts in your own kitchen. 

On/Off Switch

Detachable Power Cord

BPA-Free Barrels

Up to 3 Levels of Sprouting

More Powerful Motor



What's Included in the Box

  • Lid
  • 4-Pronged Sprinkler Heads (2 pcs)
  • Sprouter Trays (2 pcs)
  • Water Tube Set
  • Sprouter Barrel
  • Water Barrel
  • Water Pressure Control Tube Set
  • Motor Chamber
  • Wheatgrass Pads (4 pcs)
  • Detachable Power Cord
  • User Manual

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