Dish Solid Bar Soap

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Brand: Onali Pure

Globally, approximately one million plastic bottles are purchased every minute, but only 50% of them are recycled. While we are aware of our consumption of plastic drink bottles and strive to reduce our waste, it is more challenging to find eco-friendly alternatives for common items like plastic dish soap bottles. These seemingly inconspicuous items still make a significant contribution to our environmental impact.

Switching from disposable bottled soaps to eco-friendly dishwashing blocks is a small but effective step in reducing plastic waste and our carbon footprint. It is worth noting that this swap can have a more significant impact than expected.

This solid dishwashing bar offers an eco-friendly and zero-waste solution for cleaning and degreasing dishes effectively.

Its minimalist formula is enriched with washing and foaming agents to remove embedded fats and dirt, leaving your dishes clean, shiny, and trace-free.

What's more? one dishwashing bar is equivalent to two bottles of conventional liquid dish soap, making it an economical and sustainable alternative for everyday dishwashing by hand.


include coconut oil, caustic soda, demineralized water, citric acid, and lemon essential oil. After use, simply let the solid dish dry in the tin.

Please keep it out of reach of children and in case of contact with eyes, rinse with water for several minutes and seek medical attention if necessary.

each bar is 3 oz / 90 gr

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