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Title:Black Tea Brick

A beautiful gift:

Tea bricks are made of finely powdered, compressed, and preserved tea twigs and leaves. They were used as a form of payment and were transported by foot from China to Siberia, Mongolia, and Tibet.

The tea brick represents the long history of tea in China and highlights its significance for trade, commerce, and culture. Due to their artistic decorations, they form fascinating objects of tea lore and lovely mementos of tea history. They can be broken up and steeped to make specialty tea. 


How to use a Tea Brick?

  1. In a teapot or a gaiwan, combine brick tea pieces and hot water (100oC) in a 1:20 ratio. To rinse and awaken the tea chunks,
  2. Wait 1.5 minutes (for loose-leaf dark tea, 30 seconds will be enough). Throw this beer out in a pitcher.
  3. Refill the teapot with hot water, then cover it with a lid. To increase heat retention, now pour the contents of the pitcher over the teapot (you clearly can't do this when using a gaiwan).
  4. After two minutes of steeping, it is ready for consumption. Depending on your tastes, you can change the steeping time. Shorter steeping times for dark brick teas will provide citrus and lemongrass notes, while longer steeping durations will result in a more nutty, woody flavor with hints of ripe fruit.
  5. Keep the 2-minute steeping time the same for the second and third brews. Compared to the first brew, you'll notice that these two are darker (as the tea has fully loosened up). To thoroughly extract the remaining flavor from the leaves after the third brew, you can gradually lengthen the steeping time.

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When a tea brick was divided into pieces, it could be utilized in small amounts rather than all at once. Additionally, it was well-liked because it was portable and simple to maintain freshness. They were ideal for cross-regional trade, and as they could be eaten, they served as a convenient and useful form of exchange. Tea bricks' worth decreased as they became more widespread in the regions where they were manufactured, but it dramatically increased as the manufacturing centers spread out. Tea bricks played a significant role in international trade and were frequently used as the benchmark against which other trades were measured.

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