Rejuvenate Your Aroma Beads with Sweet Harvest Farms Refresher Oil

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Brand: Sweet Harvest Farms

Scent:Lime de Coconut

Bring your favorite Sweet Harvest Farms Aroma Beads back to life with their easy-to-use Refresher Oil. This concentrated oil is designed to revive the scent of your potpourri, extending its fragrance for months to come.

Sweet Harvest Farms Refresher Oil: A breath of fresh scent

  • Long-lasting fragrance: Just a small amount of this oil effectively refreshes your potpourri, providing a strong and pleasant aroma for 6-8 months.
  • Easy to use: The simple instructions guide you through the refreshing process, ensuring a quick and mess-free experience.
  • Pure and uncut: Made with high-quality ingredients, this oil is free of harsh chemicals or fillers, delivering a pure and authentic fragrance.
  • Available in various scents: Sweet Harvest Farms offers a variety of Refresher Oil scents to match your favorite Aroma Bead fragrances. (Consider mentioning popular scents here if applicable)

Save money and extend the life of your favorite potpourri with Sweet Harvest Farms Refresher Oil. Order yours today!

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