Supercharge Your Coffee! Frothy Vegan Creamer with Adaptogens & Mushrooms (20 Servings, Keto-Friendly)

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Brand: Goodmylk Co.

Level up your coffee routine with Goodmylk Co.'s Almond Activated Creamer! This innovative vegan creamer goes beyond delicious flavor, offering a powerful blend of adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms to support your well-being in every sip.

Indulge in a Creamy & Functional Upgrade:

    • Luxurious & Frothy: Made with sprouted almonds for a rich, frothy texture that elevates your coffee, smoothies, or hot chocolate.
    • Adaptogen & Mushroom Power: Featuring Lion's Mane, Reishi, Astragalus, and Tocotrienols, this creamer supports focus, immunity, and overall balance.
    • Clean & Keto-Friendly: Crafted with organic ingredients and free of dairy, soy, gluten, and added sugars, making it perfect for dietary needs.
    • Easy to Use: Simply spoon, stir, or blend into your hot beverage for a delightful and functional treat.

Unleash the Power of Plants:

    • Sprouted Almonds: Enhance digestibility and nutrient absorption.
    • Maple Sugar: Provides natural sweetness without artificial ingredients.
    • Himalayan Salt: Balances electrolytes for optimal health.
    • Goodmylk Longevity Blend: A unique combination of adaptogens and mushrooms for holistic wellness.

Embrace a mindful morning ritual with Goodmylk Co.'s Almond Activated Creamer!

  • Fuel your day with goodness! Add Goodmylk Co. Almond Activated Creamer to your cart today!

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