6 eco-friendly Pencils

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Title:6 Pencils with Purpose

Pencils made in USA

  • The FSC-certified materials used to produce these pencils come from responsibly managed forests.
  • Standard brass-colored ferrule and white eraser offer attractive accenting against the barrel color.
  • The round streamlined barrel is made with a double-bonded core for long-lasting use.
  • This #2 pencil comes unsharpened.
  • The Good Pencil Company is printed on each pencil.
  • Made in USA
  • We donate a pencil for each pencil you buy.
Why did we choose this product?

Because it's the first time that we find compostable and also sustainable pencils. We love! For children, for adults, at home, at work. We adopted them.

About The Good Pencil Company

At The Good Pencil Company, we believe that our products need to do more than just fill a customer's need. We create products that not only support our customer's need, but also help someone else in need. Sales of our products directly support the educational needs of those in poverty helping them to better their own education leading to poverty alleviation. We also recognize the impact our products have on the environment and want to leave this world better than we found it. We do this by supporting environmental initiatives that help the environment as well as educate consumers on the importance of the environment. Giving is an essential and important part to our model. As an Utah Public Benefit Corporation, The Good Pencil Company has made a commitment to creating positive impact on those in our community and on our environment. We focus our efforts on educational support for low income demographics and programs that support our environment.

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