Selling on Closiist Fees

Closiist Collect a fee on each transaction made through the E-Marketplace.

Those fees do not apply to sellers that may have specific fees according to their subscriptions.


Monthly Subscription Fee :

Currently there is no subscription fee on our platform.


Service Fee :

A service fee is collected on each product sold on our platform and depends on the collection category the product is listed. An item may be listed in different categories, in that case, the service fee collected in the highest of the collections listed. Only one service fee is collected per item.

Although, Closiist provides Promotional Collections, that aimed to push your products, for example featured on the Homepage of the marketplace or in specific categories.

Failing to list a product in the proper collection may lead to the suspension or termination of your account.

Collections Service Fee


Books 15%
Clothing and Accessories 17%
Grocery and Gourmet Food 18%
Home and Garden 15%
Promotional Collections (homepage) Service Fee
Featured/ Holiday Gifts 25%


The service fee of the parent collection is applied to each product listed in a sub collection.


Per Item fees :

Closiist collect a Per Item Fee on each product sold regardless of the collection the product is listed in.

Per Item Fee : 89c


Listing fees :

Closiist does not collect any listing fees on listed products at the moment.


Refund fees:

Here are listed the fees applicable if you decide to refund an order.

  • If you decide to refund a customer after you received the payment, we will collect the amount you received for that order (to refund the customer) + issue an invoice equal to 10% of the service fee to cover the administrative cost of the refund.

(You can decide to charge the customer a restocking fee, in case of return or exchange, in that case we will collect 10% of your restocking fee + the credit card processing fee 2.90% + 30c of the new transaction initiated)

Return or Exchange:

The shipping costs of return or exchange are the responsibility of the seller. Closiist support team will initiate the return after the customer request it and will inform you about the reason of the request. (Check the Support Portal to know more about the process)

Closiist can issue a return label on your behalf and send it to the customer, if you request it. We will then charge you the cost of the return label +10% of the actual return label cost to cover the administrative cost.


Feel free to contact our sellers team if you have questions or click the Helpdesk tab in your seller dashboard and raise a ticket or check the Vendors Portal.


Last Updated : 05/13/2021