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As a growing E-Marketplace, Closiist is happy to welcome new sellers. We value our sellers and believe that they are part of our success.



Why did we named our E-Marketplace Closiist ?

Close” for proximity, and “ist” for philosophy.

Closiist is a marketplace designed to connect creative local producers (i.e. you), to new customers locally or even beyond. We believe that local production is the future of retail as well as sustainability.

We want to place these values that are dear to us at the core of the marketplace


You will find below a brief description of how our marketplace works.


Fees : Transparent and Simple :

  • Automatic deposit via Paypal Business Payout
  • Secured transaction (ssl-encrypted, fraud detection)
  • % Service fee + 0.89c per item (service fee depends on the Collection of your product, Check the fees).
  • The service fee is calculated on the total price of the order (Sales tax excluded)

Tools : Create your store in minutes and manage it efficiently :

1: Your own profile:

  • Description (Short and Detailed)
  • Policies

2: Your product:

  • Customize your products with pictures, variants, and add to the proper collection. Some items may be part of multiple collections.
  • Now Connect your Shopify Store to Closiist and import your product easily.

3: Your Dashboard:

  • All the essential metrics of your store instantly on a single screen.

4: Inventory:

  • Track your inventory, out of stock items.
  • Update your inventory in real time with the Shopify Store Connector.

5: Shipping made easy :

  • Set up your own Shipping rates. Based on price or weight.
  • You can also decide to offer free shipping. We highly recommend that you do so, since studies have proven that 36% of the customers abandoned their cart because of a too high delivery cost.
  • Shipping in USA only


Products you can sell on Closiist

Beauty & Health

Grocery and Gourmet Food

Clothing and Accessories


Home and Garden



Ready to join ? Jump to our signup page or contact our onboarding team 

You can also take a look to our Sellers Terms and Conditions


  • How do I get paid?

Payouts are bulk processed automatically once your orders are delivered. A Paypal Business Account is mandatory to work with us. 

  • How is the Sales tax handled?

Every time an order is processed through our marketplace, the buyer is charged the sales tax in accordance with his home address regulation. Closiist, as an E-marketplace handled the collection and the report of the sales tax. We cover the cost of Sales Tax reporting by charging 89c per item sold on our marketplace.

  • Shipping cost ?

While setting up your account, you set up your own shipping fares based on the weight or the price of the order.

We highly recommend that you offer free shipping, since studies have proven that 36% of the customers abandoned their cart because of a too high delivery cost. There are different ways to offer free shipping. One could be to include all or part of the shipping cost into the price of your products. Feel free to specify your policy in your product description.

  • How do I create my store?

After you fill up the signup form a member of the Vendors Team will get in touch with you to talk about your plans and product.

  • What do I need to do then ?

After your account is approved you can setup your store.

You will need to enter your Paypal Business Payment details in the profile tab of your Seller account. This action is mandatory to be able to receive your payment after your first order.

Our team can assist you in this process. Just click the Helpdesk tab in your seller dashboard and raise a ticket or check the Vendors Portal.


Feel free to contact our onboarding team if you have questions or are interested in joining our marketplace.


Last Updated : 11/08/2020