✨ Embrace Inner Clarity & Communication: Ariana Ost's Sunburst Crystal Grid Silver Blue Kyanite - Handcrafted Radiance & Throat Chakra Harmony (Gift or Keep)

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Marque : Ariana Ost



Unleash your inner voice and bathe your space in radiant clarity with Ariana Ost's Sunburst Crystal Grid Silver Blue Kyanite. This exquisite masterpiece, handcrafted with love, radiates the captivating energy of the sun while harnessing the potent power of blue kyanite to cleanse your energy field and unlock the vibrancy of your throat chakra.

Embrace the Power of Light & Voice:

    • Handcrafted with love: Each grid is meticulously hand-wrapped by skilled artisans, showcasing the passion and artistry poured into every detail.
    • Sunburst radiance: The stunning silver design mimics the sun's life-giving rays, amplifying the purifying energy of the blue kyanite gemstones.
    • Blue kyanite's magic: This potent stone effortlessly removes blockages in your energy field, allowing your voice to be heard with clarity and confidence.
    • Enhanced communication: Open your throat chakra and embrace expressive freedom, whether through words, creativity, or authentic connections.
    • A vibrant statement: This eye-catching grid adds a touch of modern elegance and captivating energy to any room, making it a perfect addition to your home decor or a cherished gift for loved ones seeking clarity and voice.

More than just a decoration, this Sunburst Crystal Grid is a portal to transformative energy.

    • Elevate your space: Fill your environment with vibrant energy and the mesmerizing beauty of natural crystals.
    • Clear negativity: Let go of blockages and limiting beliefs, making room for positive expression and authentic communication.
    • Embrace your voice: Step into your power and confidently share your truth with the world, inspired by the empowering energy of blue kyanite.
    • Embrace the magic of manifestation: Set your intentions with this grid and witness as the potent energy propels your desires for clear communication and heartfelt connection into reality.

Bring Ariana Ost's Sunburst Crystal Grid Silver Blue Kyanite into your life today and embark on a radiant journey of inner clarity, empowered communication, and transformative energy!


Dimensions - 10"L x 1"W x 9"H

Weight -  7oz 

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