Supercharge Your Garden: Kelp Mist - Organic Plant Food for Lush Growth & Stress Resilience

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Marque : Elm Dirt

Size:16 oz Kelp Mist

Unlock the hidden potential of your garden with Kelp Mist, the bio-powered plant food that nourishes roots, boosts growth, and strengthens your plants from the inside out! This revolutionary formula, crafted from sustainably harvested kelp, delivers a potent blend of essential nutrients and natural biostimulants, empowering your plants to thrive in any environment.

Experience the Kelp Mist magic:

    • Enhanced Nutrient Absorption: Kelp Mist chelates vital elements, making them readily available for your plants, maximizing their effectiveness and fueling lush, vibrant growth.
    • Drought-Defying Defense: Kelp's natural polysaccharides act like sponges, helping your plants retain moisture and weather dry spells with ease. Say goodbye to wilting leaves and stressed-out blooms!
    • Thriving Soil Ecosystem: Kelp Mist invigorates soil microbe activity, creating a healthy underground environment that breaks down organic matter, releases nutrients, and protects your plants from harmful pathogens.
    • Organic & Sustainable: Choose the power of nature with Kelp Mist, a 100% organic and plant-based formula free from harsh chemicals or synthetic additives. Nourish your garden with kindness to the planet!
    • Concentrated Power & Eco-Friendly Packaging: Get more mileage out of every bottle! Kelp Mist Concentrate lets you customize dilution to your needs, while the recyclable packaging minimizes waste and reflects our commitment to sustainable practices.

Kelp Mist is more than just plant food; it's a garden revolution! Give your plants the gift of natural vitality and watch them flourish like never before. Order your bottle today and unleash the power of kelp in your garden!


  • 16 oz and 32 oz Bottles and Mister are 100% Recyclable and Eco-Friendly
  • Kelp is substantiality resourced!

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