Immerse Yourself in History with the Early American Coffee Trio

Marque : Oliver Pluff & Company

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Title:Early American Coffee Trio

Embark on a historical journey through coffee with the Early American Coffee Trio from Oliver Pluff & Co. This unique collection features three distinct blends, each steeped in rich American history and offering a taste of the past.

Experience the diversity of early American coffee:

  • Colonial Blend: Savor the robust and bold flavors enjoyed by early colonists, sourced from the East and West Indies.
  • Green Dragon Tavern Blend: Immerse yourself in the spirit of revolution with this blend inspired by the famous Boston coffee house, a gathering place for patriots and the birthplace of the American coffee tradition.
  • Chicory Coffee Blend: Discover the unique taste of New Orleans with this blend, featuring roasted chicory root, a historical substitute used during times of coffee scarcity.

Beyond the delicious coffee, this trio is a conversation starter:

  • Learn about the evolution of American coffee culture: Each blend comes with a detailed description of its historical significance, offering a glimpse into the past.
  • Share a unique tasting experience: Enjoy the distinct profiles of each blend with friends and family, sparking conversations about history and coffee appreciation.
  • Hand-packed in Charleston, South Carolina: This trio is a thoughtful gift for history buffs, coffee lovers, and anyone who appreciates a unique and flavorful experience.

Order your Early American Coffee Trio today and embark on a historical taste adventure!

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