Cuddle Your Skillet (Without the Burn!): Fair Trade Cat Pot Holder (Handmade, Zero Waste, Cute & Functional)

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Marque : Upavim Crafts

Color:Festive Red

Say goodbye to oven mitt mayhem and hello to purrfectly protected hands with our adorable Handcrafted Cat Skillet Handle Holder! This charming feline friend, lovingly crafted by skilled artisans at UPAVIM in Guatemala, is more than just a cute kitchen accessory - it's a sustainable, functional masterpiece made with zero waste and Fair Trade practices at its heart.

Embrace the cuddle, not the burn:

    • Heat-resistant haven: 100% cotton construction shields your hands from scorching skillet handles, ensuring safe and comfortable cooking adventures.
    • Feline flair: Say meow to a playful touch! The adorable cat face design, complete with embroidered details and vibrant colors, adds a whimsical pop to your kitchen decor.
    • Zero waste wonder: Upcycled fabrics and ethical production give you peace of mind while adding a touch of eco-conscious charm to your home.
    • Empowering communities: Every purchase supports UPAVIM's mission to empower women and families in Guatemala, creating a ripple of positive impact with every cuddle.

Beyond the kitchen, a story unfolds:

    • The purrfect gift: Surprise the cat lover in your life with a unique and meaningful present that brings the joy of handcrafted artistry and ethical practices.
    • Conversation starter: This eye-catching pot holder is sure to spark curiosity and ignite conversations about conscious consumerism and the beauty of handmade crafts.
    • Investment in lasting quality: Hand-washed and cared for, your cat handle holder will become a cherished companion in your kitchen for years to come, bringing smiles and safe cooking every day.

Ready to add a cuddly touch of cuteness and functionality to your kitchen? Add the Handcrafted Cat Skillet Handle Holder to your cart today and experience the warmth of handcrafted charm with a purpose!

  • 6"L x 2 1/2"W
  • 100% Cotton
  • Assorted Colors

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