🪴 Unleash Plant Power! Ancient Soil - Bioactive Super Soil with Worm Castings & More (2 lbs) 🪴

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Marque : Elm Dirt

Size:2 lbs


Transform your garden into a thriving Eden with Ancient Soil, the ultimate bioactive super soil from Elm Dirt! This revolutionary blend harnesses the power of nature's most potent soil enhancers to unleash explosive plant growth, vibrant foliage, and bountiful harvests.

Fuel Your Plants with Nature's Bounty:

    • Organic Worm Castings: Replenish soil with living microbes, serving as an endless buffet of readily available nutrients for your plants.
    • Sea Kelp: Bursting with over 70 vitamins and minerals, this organic multivitamin supercharges growth, increases vegetable size, and boosts resilience against pests, diseases, and harsh weather.
    • BioChar: Enhance water retention, prevent nutrient runoff, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and lower soil acidity for optimal plant health and yield maximization.
    • Bat Guano: Infuse your plants with an emerald glow, accelerate seedling and flower growth, and provide a sustained, 3-month drip feed to nourish root systems.
    • Azomite: Awaken dormant microbes, improve aeration and water penetration, remineralize depleted soil, and witness your plants skyrocket in vigor and productivity.

Ancient Soil goes beyond ordinary fertilizers, offering:

    • USA-Sourced, Premium Ingredients: Every nutrient is meticulously chosen for its quality and sustainability.
    • Effortless Application: Simply mix 20% Ancient Soil with your existing soil base for vibrant results.
    • Versatile Powerhouse: Ideal for vegetables, indoor plants, flowers, and all your gardening needs.
    • Eco-Friendly Choice: Cultivate a thriving ecosystem in your garden, naturally.

Experience the Ancient Soil difference! Order your 2-lb bag today and watch your plants reach their full potential. Larger quantities available - contact us for details!


How to use: 

Mix in 20% with whatever soil base you want (coco coir, peat moss, etc)

#3 pots fit 2 lbs Ancient Soil at 20% mix

#5 pots fit 2.5 lbs Ancient Soil at 20% mix

#7 pots fit 4 lbs Ancient Soil at 20% mix

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