✨ Ignite Abundance & Protection: Ariana Ost's Sunburst Crystal Grid Rose Gold Pyrite - Handcrafted Radiance & Grounding Power (Gift or Keep)

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Marca : Ariana Ost

color:rose gold


Embrace the radiant energy of the sun and tap into the profound grounding power of pyrite with Ariana Ost's Sunburst Crystal Grid Rose Gold Pyrite. This exquisite handmade masterpiece ignites a captivating dance of light and intention, transforming your space into a beacon of abundance and protection.

Unleash the Power of Fire & Earth:

    • Handcrafted with love: Each grid is meticulously hand-wrapped, showcasing the passion and artistry poured into every radiant detail.
    • Sunburst radiance: The stunning rose gold design mimics the sun's life-giving rays, amplifying the positive energy of the pyrite gemstones.
    • Pyrite power: This potent stone attracts abundance, promotes success, and shields against negativity, creating a safe haven within your sacred space.
    • Manifest your desires: Set your intentions with this powerful grid and witness as the vibrant energy propels your visions of prosperity and protection into reality.
    • A statement piece: This eye-catching grid adds a touch of luxury and captivating energy to any room, making it a perfect addition to your home decor or a cherished gift for loved ones.

More than just a decoration, this Sunburst Crystal Grid is a portal to transformative energy.

    • Elevate your space: Fill your environment with vibrant energy and the mesmerizing beauty of natural crystals.
    • Attract abundance: Welcome opportunities for success, prosperity, and financial growth into your life.
    • Embrace grounded confidence: Feel protected and empowered by the grounding power of pyrite, allowing you to step into your true potential.
    • Embrace the magic of intention: Connect with the potent energy of this grid and watch your dreams manifest with newfound clarity and power.

Bring Ariana Ost's Sunburst Crystal Grid Rose Gold Pyrite into your life today and ignite a radiant journey of abundance, protection, and transformative energy!



Dimensions - 10"L x 1"W x 9"H

Weight -  7oz

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