Delightful Discovery: Animal Nesting Blocks with Stacking Tower & Playful Learning (12 Months+)

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Spark curiosity and ignite imaginative play with this charming set of Nesting Animal Blocks! Perfect for little ones aged 12 months and up, this beautifully crafted toy offers endless hours of stacking, sorting, and animal discovery.

Unbox a World of Fun:

    • 10 Sturdy Nesting Blocks: Each vibrantly illustrated block features adorable animals and playful text by renowned children's authors, Christopher Wormell and Michael Green.
    • Stacking Challenge: Build a towering animal kingdom, nearly three feet high, that encourages hand-eye coordination and motor skills development.
    • Animal Discovery: Learn about different animals with each playful block, fostering curiosity and early vocabulary skills.
    • Open-Ended Play: Nesting and stacking possibilities inspire creativity and imaginative storytelling, keeping little ones entertained for hours.
    • Durable & Safe: Made with high-quality materials, these blocks are built to withstand playtime adventures and ensure child safety.

Nurturing smiles and learning through play, these Animal Nesting Blocks are a must-have for any toy box!

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