Sustainable Cleaning Made Easy: Your Guide to Solid Dish Soap and a Plastic-Free Kitchen

Sustainable Cleaning Made Easy: Your Guide to Solid Dish Soap and a Plastic-Free Kitchen

Every year, humanity dumps a staggering 350 million tons of plastic into the environment – and if we don't act now, this plastic tsunami could triple by 2060, engulfing our planet in over one billion tons of waste. We can't let this happen. It's time to choose a different path, one sudsy bubble at a time!

Tired of drowning in plastic bottles? In 2018 alone, the U.S. sent enough plastic to fill 4 million garbage trucks to landfills – that's 80% of our annual plastic waste! Ditch the sudsy plastic and make the switch to Our Solid Dish Soap!

This plant-powered powerhouse in a stunning ceramic container cleans like a dream, thanks to all-natural ingredients like nourishing coconut oil and invigorating essential oils. Plus, it smells divine! And the best part? No plastic waste goes with your sparkling dishes.

Bonus: When you're done, simply refill with our eco-friendly refills, saving money and reducing plastic. Win-win!

New to the "no-bottle" revolution? Don't worry! Our handy video shows you how easy it is to master the world of solid dish soap.

Watch it here: 

Ready to say goodbye to plastic and hello to a sparkling kitchen (and a healthier planet)? Grab your Whispering Willow Solid Dish Soap (and maybe a cute dish brush!) today and join the sustainable-cleaning movement! Here are some options to get you started:

    • Lemon Home Sweet Home Gift Box: Perfect for yourself or gifting, this set includes our Lemon Solid Dish Soap in a vibrant ceramic container and a dish brush. 

    • Short-Handled Dish Brush: This durable brush makes light work of even the toughest messes. Pair it with any of our solid dish soaps!

    • Dish Cake Bar: Choose from our variety of scents and colors. These bars are long-lasting and effective.

Click the links above and let's break the plastic cycle, one sudsy bubble at a time!