From Hero to Climate Expert: Julie Completes's Course

From Hero to Climate Expert: Julie Completes's Course

Our co-founder, Julie Thibault-Dury is a Proud Graduate of's Live Climate Course!

"👩‍🎓 I'm thrilled to announce that I've successfully completed the 12-week climate change course offered by! As a Women and Climate Hero, I was awarded this incredible opportunity to deepen my understanding of critical climate issues.

This impactful program provided a comprehensive exploration of:
🏭 Emissions & Global Carbon Cycle: We delved into the science behind greenhouse gases and their impact on our planet.
🌎 Global Impacts of Climate Change: I gained valuable insights into the widespread environmental and societal consequences of a warming climate.
📢 Communicating Climate Change: The course equipped me with the skills to effectively advocate for climate action and inspire others.
💲 Economics, Energy & Finance: I explored the financial drivers of climate change solutions and the role of economic policies.

Throughout the program, I had the privilege of collaborating and learning alongside a diverse group of individuals from around the world. This global exchange of perspectives was truly enriching.

💡 A Lightbulb Moment (or Train Ride):
One particularly eye-opening discussion centered on the electrification of transportation. Coming from France, where electric trains are commonplace, it never dawned on me that this wasn't the norm everywhere. The realization of this disparity between countries highlighted the importance of global collaboration to develop and implement sustainable solutions.'s unique approach to climate education not only provided knowledge and skills, but also fostered a vibrant community of passionate individuals working towards a shared goal.
This is just the beginning! I'm eager to leverage the knowledge and connections gained through this program to make a positive impact and be part of the solution.

Are you interested in learning more about climate change and finding ways to get involved? Check out's incredible courses - they might be the perfect springboard for your climate journey!" 

Julie TD