Traditional Grass Peace Basket - Eco-Friendly, Handmade, Social Good

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Title:Traditional Grass Peace Basket - Natural White & Black

The traditional Rwandan gift is this lovely and delicate basket.

To make each Traditional Peace Basket, the artist weaves valley grasses and banana leaves over a papyrus frame for about a week. Yes, it's a lot of work.


Traditional Peace Baskets are frequently used in Rwanda to store various gifts, such as the one that every bride gives to her new husband's mother. These baskets can then be proudly displayed in the home or used to store dry products like beans or rice.

The Handcrafted Details
  • An artisan weaves for about a week to complete one basket.
  • Crafted from valley grasses and banana leaves, woven over a papyrus frame.
  • Masterfully sized, the lid snaps on by aligning it with the base from back to front.
  • Approximately 12.5 inches tall (including the lid).

Care: Dust with a smooth, dry cloth.  Or feather duster.  Everyone loves a good feather duster!


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