SOLO Halo Jute Straw Bag

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Title:Solo Halo

Bring the sun with you all-day

SOLO bag is made of natural Jute straws and is as strong as you are. It's also large enough to hold the items you'll need to face the outside world. Last but not least, it's as lovely as the adventures you'll undoubtedly have. You're ready to go when you slip the SOLO bag through your arm or over your shoulder.

- Made of 100% natural Jute

- Diameter: 20 inches

- Depth: 0.5 inches

- Colors: Natural & Black

Why did we choose this product?

We chose this bag because it is pleasant to bring to the page, and it is wonderfully beautiful.

About BrunnaCo

BrunnaCo is a California-based environmentally and socially sustainable fashion brand started by Indonesian immigrant Helga Ida Ayu. Each of our designs is handcrafted by a small group of artists, usually women, in their homes in Indonesia, particularly on Helga's home island of Bali. We pledge to enable our female craftsmen to work from home and achieve their dreams while also fulfilling their responsibilities as mothers and housewives. Many women in Indonesia have to give up their jobs and careers after they marry in order to devote their life to their families. We wish to empower our female craftsmen and give them a sense of accomplishment.

Our goal has always been to create meaningful pieces using locally harvested plant-based materials, vegan, recycled, organic, and other eco-friendly materials that have a positive impact on our environment, as well as to share the stories of our female artisans and to support our local artisan community, particularly in this difficult pandemic situation.

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