Pink Cuff Bracelet, Made from Circuit Board

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Be the coolest engineer (or science enthusiast) with elegant circuit board jewelry!

This bracelet was made from a recycled circuit board that was cut to shape. The underlying copper is revealed by gently removing the top-colored coating. Under a layer of translucent, glassy resin that makes a gorgeous but safe seal, the motherboard is nestled in an antiqued copper-plated bezel.

This cuff bracelet is open on the back and may be altered in size by squeezing or pulling apart the cuff's bands. Therefore, this bracelet will fit everyone except very small children.

Why did we choose this product?

Because it's the perfect bracelet for any eco-friendly person. And bring a touch of originality to your classy or everyday outfits.

About Circuit Breaker Labs

Preske owns Circuit Breaker Labs, which is her Rochester-based jewelry making company. She cuts circuit boards into tiny pieces, covers them in a plastic resin, then molds or hooks the pieces onto earrings, necklaces, cufflinks and more. She makes each piece, by hand, in a tiny studio inside her apartment.

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