Pause Cafe Soap - Handmade, Eco-friendly, Vegan, Sustainable, Zero Waste

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The soap that coffee lovers have been waiting for

Switching to bar soap can help us save the oceans. Did you know that a 4.5-ounce bar of soap can last up to 6 weeks? Think about how much plastic you're helping to remove from our oceans. Not to mention bar soap's excellent skin benefits!

  • There is something unique about the smell of coffee that creates a feeling of well-being. In my case, this sensation goes back to my childhood when in the morning, at breakfast time, the smell of coffee perfumed the kitchen. Today when I smell this smell, I am automatically sent back to these memories.
  • This real coffee-based soap will perfume your bathroom while taking care of your skin, thanks to its exfoliating properties and to the olive and coconut oils that compose it.
  • Olive Oil and Coconut Oil both have antibacterial properties. Coffee is rich in antioxidants that help protect your skin from free radical damage and aging. The fine coffee grounds contained in this soap have exfoliating properties.
  • Made with olive oil, coconut oil, organic sustainable palm oil, purified water, lye*, ground coffee and colored with cocoa powder.
  • Our label is made with Handmade Seed Paper and will sprout flowers if planted
  • Approx weight: 4.5oz

*Required in the process of turning raw oils and butter into true detergent-free, chemical-free soap. None remains in the finished product.

Brand: Adalaia

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