Hinged Money Clip

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Money Clip, Made from Recycled Circuit Boards

I hand-cut recycled circuit board to create the geekiest thing for you (or a friend!) to hold your money. A lovely Father's day gift for the best dad ever.

This silvertone money clip is decorated with a red recycled circuit board set in a layer of protective, glossy resin. The clip is very sturdy, so you won't lose any money or cards!



Why did we choose this product?

We love a good gift especially when it is Eco-Friendly. Do you know how much of those circuit boards end up in our trash every year? We are glad Circuit Breaker Labs came up with this incredible idea.

About Circuit Breaker Labs

Amanda Preske of Circuit Breaker Labs creates products with simple forms to best highlight the aesthetics of e-waste (circuit boards, resistors, and other electronic scrap), while complementing the geometric nature of technological items.
She transforms this e-waste into contemporary jewelry & accessories, home gift items, and men’s accessories. Her work is enhanced by the use of epoxy resin to add depth and she often works with recycled silver to further her sustainability endeavors.

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