Pouch Oeko-tex certified

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Perfect pouch with zipper for holding your special/small items like: cotton pads, cosmetics, accessories, toiletries, toys or any other things you want!

  • Sustainable environmentally,
  • 100 % cotton Oeko-tex® certified,
  • Handmade in a small batch
  • Affordable price and reusable product 
  • Great for any space
  • Lightweight and easy to transport for organizing and decorating.

Dimension: 2 ½ in X 5¼ in X 5 ¾ in at the base (or 7 ¾ in on top) ­

100% cotton, Oeko-tex® certified.

Why did we choose this product?

My name is Celine, and I am the creator of JAMAJUTM.

This brand and company were born out of a simple and well-known truth: our lovely world is deteriorating due to human activity.

My belief is that even a minor modification in everyone's consumption has a significant influence on the environment. My goal is to involve as many people as possible, including those who aren't necessarily involved in the zero-waste movement, so that we can all make a difference! The reusable solutions provided by JAMAJUTM are also cost-effective, as they can be washed and reused for months. How many cotton pads, sponges, paper towels, and plastic bags have you previously used? Start making a difference right now; your participation is crucial!

The items are not only attractive, but also functional and trendy. The goal is to get you to modify your habit without you realizing it!

It's a new way of consumption that benefits not just ourselves, but also the planet and future generations.

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