Woman Success kit: Pink Statice Flower + White Sage Smudge Wand

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Get the success you deserve

Ethically sourced white sage adorned with pink statice flowers. Widely used in celebration, statice flowers symbolize both fond memories and success.

Pink statice flowers are known to represent
- Femininity
- Compassion
- Gentleness

Handmade in Los Angeles, our sage wands are fragrant, burn well and smell fantastic 

Source : ExpertVillage Leaf Group

PLEASE NOTE: Florals may have variations in color and browning as the drying process occurs. To prevent mold please keep it at room temperature, not in extreme temperatures, and not in sealed packages.

Why did we choose this product?

When I need solidarity, compassion, gentleness, I am happy to celebrate myself with this sage stick. It smells wonderful, the California sage smells stronger, and I love it. I am ready to welcome success.

About Sacred Sunday

We chose Sunday Sacred Sage Sticks for several reasons. The person behind this cute brand is a woman. Cleo takes care to source ethical sage in California, near her home. And She creates the sage sticks herself. Also, she doesn't sell them on Amazon. That's why we wanted to support her.

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